As the industry leader in modified bitumen membrane roofing technology, Polyglass has developed a wide range of commercial and residential roofing products designed and customized for many different applications. Our membranes not only afford outstanding protection and roof life expectancy, but are also environmentally friendly, energy efficient, non-abrasive, UV-resistant, skid-resistant and even visually pleasing!


Polyglass Self-Adhered APP and SBS membranes products are manufactured using our patented ADESO® Technology, a unique dual-compound process that creates an aggressive self-adhesive on the bottom layer combined with a “true” APP or SBS modified bitumen compound on the weathering surface. ADESO® Technology also features our unique FastLap® and SealLap® lapping systems which provide enhanced and instantaneous lap sealing to protect against the elements.

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Products made with our patent-pending CURE Technology® are manufactured with infused ceramic microspheres, proprietary resins and UV stabilizers to create a superior eco-friendly product with enhanced reflectivity, granule adhesion and stain resistance. The result is an extremely durable surface that outperforms the competition.

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Optimal for heat-welding or cold application, Polyglass’ line of Atactic Polypropylene (APP) modified bitumen membranes are reinforced with polyester or fiberglass mat and can be applied directly over an acceptable substrate or used as part of a multi-ply roof system.

Best suited for multi-ply roof systems, our Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) modified bitumen membranes offer exceptional flexibility and tensile strength, as well as dimensional stability. Available in base and cap sheets, Polyglass SBS

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Our own line of Polystick® roof underlayments are manufactured with homogeneous rubberized asphalt reinforced with glass fiber or polyester mat, yielding superior durability and weatherproofing properties.

To learn more about Polyglass’ line of high-quality roof membranes products, contact us today at 800-222-9782.