Burn ShieldTM Technology

What is Burn Shield Technology?

Burn-Shield Technology is a patent pending innovation that offers fire resistance capable of achieving the highest level of fire ratings on steep-slope roofs.

Polystick® XFR is a dual-purpose fire resistant and self-adhered waterproofing underlayment, which feature Burn-Shield and ADESO® Technologies. The result is a product that helps in achieving superior waterproofing and UL Class A fire protection in a single layer*, instead of the typical solution requiring multiple layers to achieve the same result.

This translates to labor and material cost savings which ultimately benefits the building owner and contractor. The building occupants can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that Polystick XFR is providing safety and protection of their possessions while complying with fire-rated building codes required in many municipalities.

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Features & Benefits

  • Superior protection against fire spread/penetration and ember resistance in systems tested under UL 790
  • Helps achieve UL Class A for Combustible Decks a using a single layer*
  • Robust 80 mils (2 mm) of waterproofing rubberized asphalt
  • Self-Adhered with split release film for ease of application
  • Fiberglass reinforced for added strength and dimensional stability
  • Skid-resistant top surface with max 180 days exposure
  • Dedicated side lap for consistently strong seams
  • Approved for applications up to 265°F
  • Up to 30 year warranty
    (Reference Polyglass Warranties Terms & Conditions)
  • Unlimited Slope. Refer to published UL product listings (TGFU.R25992) for specific fire rated assemblies.