Polystick® MTS Plus

Applicable Standards
Application Methods
Adeso Technology

Polystick MTS PLUS is a self-adhered waterproofing underlayment manufactured with patented ADESO® Technology, a dual-compound manufacturing process utilizing a fiberglass mat in a modified compound with an aggressive proprietary self-adhesive applied to the bottom surface of the membrane. The split release film that protects the self-adhesive compound allows for easy application.
Polystick MTS PLUS features a slip-resistant film surface that has been tested to allow for up to a 180 day UV exposure rating. Polystick MTS PLUS is ideally suited for high temperature roof covering systems such as metal roofing. It is also suitable for most mechanically attached roof coverings such as concrete and clay roof tile.
With exceptional tensile strength and thermal stability, Polystick MTS PLUS is temperature resistant to 265°F. Can be installed as part of a multi-ply underlayment system when covered with Polystick TU PLUS, Polystick TU MAX or a second ply of Polystick MTS PLUS. Refer to published product approvals; Florida Building Code and included in Miami-Dade’s Notice of Acceptance for high wind zones.

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