Polystick® TU MAX

Applicable Standards
Application Methods
Adeso Technology

Polystick TU MAX is a homogeneous rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane designed specifically for use as an underlayment in adhesive foam or mechanically fastened roof tile applications. TU Max features a superior polyester reinforced surface fabric which provides for exceptional durability, UV exposure rating, and proven foam set adhesion.

Additionally, the surfacing has been tested to comply with all minimum requirements for roof tile applications including skid resistance, tile stackability, and high-temperature ratings. Polystick TU MAX is designed for use in new construction and re-roof applications where tiles may be stacked on rooftops for extended periods of time. Polystick TU MAX is rated for 180-day exposure.

Polystick TU MAX underlayment is manufactured using patented ADESO® Self-Adhered Technology. This membrane meets or exceeds applicable ASTM and TAS testing requirements for steep slope roo ng products. Polystick TU MAX features patented SEALLap®, a factory-applied adhesive treatment at the membrane overlap, which provides for improved ease of application, as well as improved immediate and long-term performance.

Typical Applications

• Multi-purpose steep slope underlayment, specially designed for tile applications though
suitable as a high-performance underlayment for most steep roof coverings
• Designed as effective reinforcement for perimeter and flashing details
• For use in both adhesive set and mechanically fastened roof tile applications

Features and Benefits

• Proprietary self-adhered technology for exceptional performance
• Polyester reinforced surface engineered for superior slip resistance
• Approved exposure rating to 180 days (or as limited by local building codes

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