A Roofing Solution for the Hurricane Season

It’s that time of year again in the Northern Hemisphere when building owners, contractors, and homeowners living along the Eastern Seaboard and coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico start wincing at the all-too-familiar phrase, “Hurricane Season.”

June 1st to November 30th is the Atlantic storm season. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), which monitors and forecasts weather events that could adversely impact the US, individuals have good reason to feel concerned. The frequency and intensity of storms during the Hurricane Season are on the rise.

2021 saw an active Atlantic hurricane season, with more than 21 named storms along the Atlantic coast. The NOAA predicts “above normal” hurricane activity again in 2022, marking the seventh consecutive year of above-average tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic basin.

Hurricane Preparedness – Why is It Important?

Hurricanes can be scary and devastating, especially for the ill-prepared.

Your family, loved ones, and property are the best Hurricane from the view of a roofreasons to be ready for any adverse weather events. A home is, with few exceptions, the single largest purchase the average American will make, and that investment is worth protecting.

Many authorities offer sound advice on hurricane preparedness, which often includes suggestions for developing evacuation plans, having a Hurricane Emergency Kit ready, and taking the necessary steps to protect homes and buildings.

French microbiologist and chemist Louis Pasteur maintained that “chance (or fortune) favors the prepared mind.” In the roofing world, this translates to, “Those who prepare will fare the best in times of a tropical storm.”

Having the right roofing system in place is an excellent way to withstand a busy hurricane season.

Polyglass Solutions for Hurricane Preparedness

Polyglass offers products and techniques to aid everyone from the average homeowner to the experienced professional with all their low or steep-sloped roof maintenance and weatherproofing needs.

Specialized systems like Polyglass’ Velociflex Roofing System for low-sloped roofs can be an ideal solution for buildings in storm-prone areas. This high wind-resistant roof assembly’s ease of installation and performance characteristics can offer peace of mind when severe storms occur.

With or without thermal insulation as part of the design, the loose-laid and then mechanically fastened in-the-seam base sheet and fully heat-fused surface membrane resist wind forces and drive rain associated with such severe weather.  In fact, the Velociflex systems were independently tested, providing high-speed wind protection up to 270 psf (pounds per square foot).

The fusing of impermeable membrane layers into a redundant membrane system is superior to many other roof types commonly used in severe weather regions.

Outstanding Roof Performance and Longevity

Polyglass solutions like our Velociflex Roof System offers users quality products and performance to protect your most significant investment.

Contact a Polyglass expert today to learn more about how we can offer you peace of mind and better preparedness for the upcoming Hurricane Season.