PG 800W

PG 800W is an asphalt-based, clay emulsion product that can be used as a protective roof coating. It can be used over smooth surfaced asphalt built-up, modified bitumen membranes. Also, for use as a base coat for reflective elastomeric coatings. PG 800W can be used as a surface protectant or waterproofing when used in conjunction with polyester reinforcement.

When applied as a roof protectant PG 800W’s unique formulation allows the film to “breathe” while drying and is waterproof upon curing.

PG 350

PG 350 modified bitumen adhesive is formulated for use as a cold-applied bonding adhesive for SBS modified bitumen base sheets and SBS modified bitumen smooth or granulated cap sheets. Its high gel formulation with SBS rubber is specifically formulated to be compatible with Polyglass roofing membranes.



Elastoflex S6 25 is a smooth surface Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) modified bitumen roofing membrane reinforced with a polyester mat saturated with a rubberized asphaltic compound. The non-woven reinforcement provides superior tear strength and puncture resistance.

Elastoflex S6 25 is designed for use as a base ply or interply layer in multi-layer low-slope assemblies, and is available in a film or sand top surface and a film or sand bottom surface.

Application methods include hot asphalt or cold adhesive when the membrane is sand backed. When a top surface film configuration is selected, successive system layers can be heat welded with an additional ply of Elastoflex S6 25, Elastoflex S6 G or other Polyglass SBS cap sheet. A top film configuration also allows for the application of a variety of Polyglass SBS or APP self-adhered cap sheets.

Elastoflex S6 G (180) Mop

Elastoflex S6 G is a superior SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) modified bitumen roofing membrane reinforced with a non-woven polyester mat that provides flexibility and dimensional stability as well as excellent tear and puncture resistance. The proprietary SBS compound offers superb waterproofing and weathering physical properties. Elastoflex S6 G is designed for use as cap sheet in multilayer low-slope assemblies.

Elastoflex S6 G has a granular top surface in multiple color options and a sand bottom surface for hot asphalt or cold adhesive application methods.

Elastoflex S6 G membrane can be used as part of a Polyglass warranted multi-ply system, when combined with Elastoflex S6 base or interply sheets or other approved Polyglass base sheets.

PolyBrite 90.1

PolyBrite 90.1 is a premium grade high solids, moisture cure, liquid applied silicone coating which cures to form a seamless membrane when applied over the entire roof area. It also keeps the surface cool, providing protection from ultraviolet sun and other weather exposures.