Elastoflex VP ULTRA

Applicable Standards
Application Methods
Mechanically Attached

Elastoflex VP Ultra is a smooth surface Elastomeric (SBS) modified bitumen roofing membrane reinforced with a high performance fiberglass and polyester composite reinforcement that provides flexibility and dimensional stability as well as excellent tear and puncture resistance.

Elastoflex VP Ultra is designed for use as a mechanically attached base sheet in multi-layer low-slope assemblies. Polyglass self-adhered Dual-Match Selvage Edges are manufactured on the opposing sides of the top and bottom surfaces of the membrane. These unique selvage edges are 100% covered with Polyglass’ patent pending SEALLap ULTRA technology which applies a very aggressive self-adhering (SA) compound. This feature provides an immediate waterproofing seal at the laps, including sealing around properly installed plates and fasteners, without adding external heat from torches or hot-air guns. Contractors save labor, time, and equipment expenses. Align – roll – done!

Elastoflex VP Ultra has film surfaces on the top and bottom which enables successive system layers to be heat welded using an additional ply of Elastoflex S6, or a finishing ply of Elastoflex S6 G or other Polyglass torch cap sheets. The selvage edges are protected by siliconized release films that protect the self-adhering compound from contaminants and are easily removed during installation.

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