Maxxit Systems Facility

Project Type Commercial
State/Region Canada

Project Overview:

Cherry Roofing installed a new hybrid built-up roof (BUR) system on the Maxxit Systems building in Mississauga, Ontario. Maxxit Systems designs and develops interior and exterior environments for retailers, grocery stores, restaurants and automobile dealerships. The 20-year roof features Polyglass’ multi-ply SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) membranes and will provide long-term performance for the facility where a team of creative thinkers bring design ideas to reality.


The Roof System:

After removing the existing BUR and cleaning the steel deck, Cherry Roofing adhered a Kraft vapor barrier to the deck. The 1.5” polyisocyanurate insulation was hot-mopped over the vapor barrier followed by the installation of 1/2” fiberboard. The crew hot-mopped two plies of Elastoflex S6, a SBS base sheet reinforced with a polyester mat and saturated with a rubberized asphaltic compound to increase durability.  The roof system was finished with a top flood coat of asphalt followed by a pea gravel pour. Elastoflex S6 G Oak, a premium SBS cap sheet reinforced with a non-woven 250 grams polyester map, was torch-applied to the perimeter flashing.


Products Used

Elastoflex S6 G HP (250)


Elastoflex S6 22